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About Us

It began with a deep yearning and unquenchable desire to obtain the best in luxury jewelry.  Having grown into a dazzling obsession, the highly skilled LordRich team works tirelessly using a refined eye to procure the finest designs in the world for our clients.  Our incomparable collection of affordable luxury pieces continues to grow. A labor of luxury, we remain connected in the ever-changing industry; seeking out the latest trends (that offer fashionable longevity) and receiving the first pick of all that serves as the stamp of great style.  

Our Mission:

LordRich aims to serve as a mainstay for individuals with exceptional taste and a natural desire for the finest in affordable luxury jewelry.  For the sophisticated shopper that desires uniquely designed or themed bling to flatter your elevated style or the average consumer that wants ready-to-wear pieces that will complement your everyday casual looks, LordRich Jewelry is the best site for all of your diamond needs. Besides, everyone deserves to treat themselves to attention grabbing jewelry.    And, it is our firm belief that we’ve got something for everyone!  

LordRich wants the world to sparkle. 

Our Mantra:

Life is better with LordRich.