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18K Gold Freemason Diamond Ring


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Featuring the combined Freemason’s square merged with the workman’s compass and capital G at its center, together the articles form the iconic and most notable symbol of the Masonic group; that for centuries was rumored to have been a “secret society”.

Made of the finest craftsmanship, integrity, and immeasurable conviction; our distinct line of Masonic inspired jewelry designs are made with the very traits exemplified by the members of this esteemed organization.

Illuminati or simply illuminating, this collection offers up great style and eternal allegiance to the originators of the “Bro Code”.

Our collection of quality designer rings is unparalleled to none.  We’ve personally selected the most exceptional and affordable luxury designs that speak to our clientele’s personality and style.

  • Ring Material:  18K Gold Plated
  • Diamonds: Certified CZ Diamonds AAAA+
  • Ring Width: 13mm
  • Weight: 8g


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